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"Welcome to Cakebaby Productions"

an independent media production company in Atlanta, GA, obsessed with telling a good story

Make-A-Scene for Pro Actors

 Cakebaby Productions offers a unique service for professional actors:


Actors often work for nothing but food and a promised copy of the project.  All too often, the food sucks and the copy never materializes!  Even when an actor does manage to retain a copy of his or her work, many times the scene/part doesn’t show that actor off in the best possible way.
With our Make-A-Scene process, we craft a short two-person scene to show off two actors at once.  The scenes are produced professionally and are ready for your use within days!

Man In The Moon

Man In The Moon

by Kelly Young-Silverman

Illustrations by Erin Wicker

Man In The Moon_Moon

Find A Friend Wherever You Look! 

The story of a little girl who befriends the moon. Come along on this enchanting journey as our little girl reaches for the moon and finds a friend!


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